Namibia Reads

Namibia Reads

Smart Kidz Club, Inc. proudly launched the Namibia Reads app on March 21, 2020, coinciding with Namibia's Independence Day, with the ambitious goal of fostering a culture of reading across the nation. Recognizing Namibia's dedication to education, the country was chosen as the recipient of a one-year complimentary sponsorship valued at USD 1 million for the Smart Kidz Club digital reading app, making it accessible to all Namibians. The selection was influenced by Namibia's substantial investment in education as a percentage of its GDP.

Namibia Reads aims to complement classroom instruction and support children, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, in improving their English reading skills. By enhancing literacy levels, the app seeks to improve academic performance and increase opportunities for higher education, thereby narrowing the digital divide.

The app is designed to strengthen the efforts of Namibia's Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture in line with the nation's fifth National Development Plan (NDP5), which prioritizes building a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy. It also promotes critical thinking and information literacy through enrichment programs in schools and libraries.

In its inaugural year, Namibia Reads received widespread promotion from the National Library and Archive Services and the Ministry of Education through various media channels, including national television and print media. Recognizing its impact during the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO has listed Namibia Reads as a COVID-19 Education Response National Learning Platform and Tool for Namibia.

The second year of implementation focused on expanding access to primary schools and libraries. A network of stakeholders from various ministries, including the Namibia Library and Archives Service, and partner organizations such as the National Institution for Education Development (NIED), was established to support this expansion and evaluate its impact on student outcomes.

With the nationwide access of the Namibia Reads App extended until 2025, Smart Kidz Club has partnered with researchers from the University of Delaware to spearhead a comprehensive study in Namibia. This partnership aims to improve student educational outcomes and increase educational equity, especially in rural settings. Additionally, it aims to develop a more effective, efficient, and connected education system while strengthening global partnerships with Namibia.