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How is Smart Kidz Club better for young children?

Smart Kidz Club has been developed to make reading fun and easy for parents and children. It features educational content, with no access to animation, ads, videos or games. Combined with beautiful illustrations and human narration, the ebooks are deemed by researchers as "just right" and are exclusive to the library.

How can parents access Smart Kidz Club digital library?

Parents can find our apps on Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Subscription provides access to all content on Smart Kidz Club.

How can books be searched?

Books can be searched using the search field at the top or through the age, reading levels, grades, and categories from the left menu.

Can I find Smart Kidz Club content anywhere else?

No, Smart Kidz Club content is original and exclusive to our library. It has been developed with the help of expert educators and according to the latest research pertaining to how children learn to read. You can only find it on Smart Kidz Club.

What ratings and reviews has Smart Kidz Club received?

Smart Kidz Club has received 5 star rating by UK's Educational App Store. Smart Kidz Club has also received a high rating from USA's Common Sense Media. Check out the reviews on app stores to see how parents around the world are loving this app.

How do I know which app is best for me?

Smart Kidz Club offers two apps to the parents. The basic Read To Me app is for parents who only want their kids to learn to read. It is great for beginner readers and parents who want to focus only on reading English books. The advanced Premium app, is for parents who also want their kids to engage in math activities as well as in learning activities and comprehension quizzes at the end of the books.

My child does not like to read. How will this app help?

Smart Kidz Club apps have been developed to engage your child in reading. The app enables kids to earn coins and rewards for reading, earn badges and compete on leader boards to keep up their reading and proudly share their reading achievements.

How much time should the child spend with the app?

We recommend that your child spend at least 10-20 minutes every day with the app. If your child is a beginner or a struggling reader, they can use the Read To Me option and let the book read to them the first few times before they attempt to read independently.

Why is reading aloud important for young children?

Research studies have shown that reading aloud to young children is the single most important activity for young children to develop strong reading skills. Studies have also shown the benefit of reading aloud on behavior and attention of young children.

Teachers and Schools

How can teachers and schools get Smart Kidz Club?

Teachers and schools can get Smart Kidz Club for use in their classroom by contacting us directly at any of our office locations or emailing info[at]smartkidzclub.com.

How is teacher license different than a regular account?

Teacher license for use in the classroom is the enhanced version of the regular parent/child Premium license. The teacher license enables the teacher to connect with multiple students, assign books to read, and track the students' activity. The teacher license also comes with added support for teaching in the classrooms.

Can the solution work if the school has no internet?

Yes, all content in Smart Kidz Club library can go offline once it is downloaded to the tablet. The teacher can then use it in the classroom without the use of internet or Wifi.

Is training provided to teachers and schools on how to use Smart Kidz Club?

Yes, even though Smart Kidz Club library is very easy to use, our distributors and implementation partners have been authorized to train the teachers on how to make the best use of the content.

How can teachers find leveled resources for their grades?

All content in the Smart Kidz Club library is leveled by ages, reading levels, and grades by ATOS levels. The teacher license includes teacher resources and guides to the Smart Kidz Club books that fall under the lesson plans for each grade.