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Executive Summary / Boilerplate

Smart Kidz Club is a US based digital publisher/EdTech company with a mission of inspiring kids to read and learn. It utilizes the disruptive potential of mobile technology to make high quality reading content in English accessible via Android and iOS apps around the world. It was founded in 2013 with a research-based approach to reading and offers a carefully curated digital library that allows young children, between the ages of 2 to 11 years, easy access to narrated and illustrated ebooks -- in an environment free of ads, animation, videos and games. Smart Kidz Club develops original content, deemed by researchers as "just right," with a focus on nonfiction knowledge-based eBooks. It is the only platform containing human-based read-aloud technology with word highlighting and blends human narration and beautiful illustrations with interactive resources, activities and quizzes — ensuring children are learning and having fun. Smart Kidz Club's digital library is one of the fastest growing collections of educational content available via digital subscriptions with individual users from over 65 different countries around the world. Smart Kidz Club is an educational tool (not a toy) encouraging young children to discover the world and develop strong literacy skills. Visit us Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

User Benefits


  1. Access to eBooks with read-aloud functionality, a cornerstone of early literacy development.
  2. Curated library featuring high-quality "just right" content, free from distractions, to foster learning and exploration.
  3. Promotes independent reading and choice with a diverse array of content.
  4. Offline access to all eBooks added to "My List" for convenient reading anytime, anywhere.
  5. Ensures correct English pronunciation from an early age.
  6. Cultivates a reading habit from childhood.
  7. Provides guilt-free access for busy parents unable to visit libraries or bookstores.
  8. Low annual fee grants access to existing and new books and resources.
  9. Ability to review child engagement and progress.
  10. Engages children with leaderboards and rewards to encourage reading.

Teachers (Classroom Solution):

  1. Ready-to-use teaching resources.
  2. Engaging play activities to captivate students' interest.
  3. Pre-made quizzes for assessing comprehension.
  4. Flexibility to tailor curriculum to individual student needs.
  5. Facilitates parent involvement in children's learning.
  6. Recommends and assigns reading materials.
  7. Effortlessly notifies parents with a click of a button.
  8. Accesses reports on child engagement for informed teaching strategies.

Schools (Classroom Solution):

  1. Enhances enrollment by offering an exclusive digital learning tool.
  2. Fosters digitally literate classrooms.
  3. Utilizes data analytics to monitor student progress.
  4. Encourages parent involvement in children's education.
  5. Offers culturally diverse and inclusive content to enrich learning experiences.

Smart Kidz Club Media Kit


Provider of digital apps tailored for young readers.

Offers human-based narrated ebooks with word highlighting.

Features captivating illustrations and innovative design.

Boasts the fastest-growing collection of digital educational resources.

Presents high-quality original content to engage young minds.

Incorporates read-along technology for enhanced learning experiences.

Utilizes smart-word technology to facilitate vocabulary acquisition.

Continuously expands its library with 8 to 10 new resources added monthly.

Provides easy searchability by grade, age, interest category, type, and reading levels.

Includes built-in ongoing tracking of student progress for comprehensive learning insights.

Key Features

Read-Along Technology: Our apps deliver ebooks with Read-Along technology, highlighting each word as it is spoken to aid in word recognition and reading fluency development.

Smart-Words Highlighting: Ebooks feature highlighted words (Smart-Words) with pop-up definitions upon tapping, enriching vocabulary acquisition.

Flexible Reading Options: Users can choose between "Read-To-Me" for beginner readers or "Read it Myself" for proficient readers, providing tailored reading experiences.

Continuous Development: Interactive resources are continuously being developed to ensure fresh and engaging content.

Exclusive Content: All books and resources are unique to the Smart Kidz Club platform, offering exclusive access to our curated collection.

Original Content: Our content is original, contemporary, and authored by established writers from around the globe, ensuring relevance and quality.

Copyright Protection: Copyrights on all content are owned by Smart Kidz Club, ensuring protection and authenticity.

Weekly Updates: Our proprietary technology enables us to add new content every week, keeping our library dynamic and up-to-date.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Proprietary technology allows parents to follow teachers and receive customized recommendations for their students, facilitating collaboration and support.

Teacher-Parent Communication: Teachers can easily communicate with parents regarding their child's progress and provide personalized recommendations, fostering a cohesive learning environment.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our apps support a range of mobile devices, including iOS and Android, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Getting in Touch

Smart Kidz Club, Inc.

2306 Porter Road, Bear, DE 19701, USA


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