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Helping Promote Affordable Education!

Executive Summary

Smart Kidz Club provides a digital library of eBooks for young readers and is one of the fastest growing collections of online & mobile educational books and resources that are affordable for everyone around the world.

History was founded in 2012 by the husband-wife duo Harjeet Singh and Surinder Sharma. fills the needs of the global education market for quality and affordable reading/educational resources with an innovative platform that provides children with the fastest growing collection of mobile educational resources that are unique.

CEO Speaks

According to Surinder, CEO and Co-Founder

“We want to grow into a platform where all those who aspire to contribute towards providing quality, relevant, affordable, and accessible education worldwide, are able to work together to build it into a global brand. We wish to remove the bottleneck of price of books, logistics, printing, shipping, etc. Kids should be able to access books anytime, anywhere. The biggest dream for is to be adopted globally as an affordable and accessible educational platform by kids, parents, and teachers, to make education affordable and accessible to all.”

International Expansion Plans is international with a growing readership throughout India, Africa, Latin America, and the United States. It has gone on trade missions with the US Trade Department and participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. You can follow on their upcoming trips here:

User Benefits

For Individuals

Exclusive educational content available nowhere else

Engage most reluctant readers with audio and play activities

Great alternative to video games and busy moms

Read and take anywhere without need for Wi-Fi

Accelerate reading, vocabulary, & comprehension

For Teachers

Ready to teach resource

Fun play activities to engage kids

Pre-made quizzes to assess comprehension

Flexibility to design personalized curriculum

Facilitates parent involvement in kids learning

Common Core Aligned

For Institutions

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Compliant

Increase enrollment by offering exclusive digital learning tool

Build digitally savvy classrooms

Data analytics helps track progress

Enhance parent involvement in kids’ education

Offer culturally diverse and inclusive content

Smart Kidz Club at a Glance

Online portal & e-book platform for young readers

Beautiful Illustrations & Design

Fastest growing collection of educational resources on web & mobile

High Quality Contemporary Content

Read-Along Technology

Smart word Technology

8 to 10 new resources are added every month

Easily searchable by grade, age category, & reading levels

Competitive Advantage

Reading, Science, Math & More

Extremely Affordable

Original Content

Syncs Offline

Ad-Free and Safe

Over 35 Categories

Revenue Models

Individual Subscriptions

Monthly or annual subscription provides access to all the books, resources, and activities in the collection, including 8 to 10 new resources that are added each month

Institutional Sales/Partnerships

Educational institutions or other organizations can partner with Smart Kidz Club to offer subscriptions to their parents or customers on an annual basis. Smart Kidz Club shares a part of revenue with these partner institutions. Smart Kidz Club also offers fundraising opportunities with the partner institutions.

Personal/Corporate Gifts

Individuals or organizations looking for a smart and sensible gift for children can give the gift of subscription to Smart Kidz Club. Gift cards are available for 1 year, and 6 months and provide unlimited access to all resources anytime, anywhere

Corporate Social Responsibility

Educating kids is the smartest choice that a company can make. A great way for corporations to fulfill their corporate responsibility towards the community is by promoting reading and education. Smart Kidz Club can work with corporations to offer preloaded devices and tablets with the Smart Kidz Club library of eBooks and digital learning resources which can then be distributed or donated to children, schools, communities, and/or employees. These devices can also act as a reading library in remote areas where Internet is limited or unavailable

Key Features

Platform delivers e-books with Read-Along technology that highlights each word as it is spoken, to develop word recognition.

E-books contain highlighted words (Smart-Words) with pop-up definitions upon tapping, to enhance vocabulary.

Platform enables a choice of “Read-To-Me” for beginner readers or “Read it Myself” for proficient readers.

Interactive resources are continuously being developed.

All books and resources are unique to the platform and are exclusively available on Smart Kidz Club.

All content is original, contemporary, up to date, written by established authors all around the world.

Proprietary technology enables Smart Kidz Club and teachers to send push notifications

Copyrights on all content are owned by Smart Kidz Club.

Proprietary technology enables Smart Kidz Club to add new content every week.

Proprietary technology enables parents to follow teachers and their recommendations for their students.

Teachers can communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress and make custom recommendations.

Mobile devices supported-iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Getting in Touch

Smart Kidz Club, Inc.

2306 Porter Road, Bear, DE 19701, USA

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