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Classroom Solution
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Classroom Solution

Smart Kidz Club's comprehensive and integrated classroom solution is for schools and teachers to be used in classrooms. This personalized and engaging student centered learning tool enables teachers to create a superior value in their classrooms while achieving higher student outcomes for all types of learners. Smart Kidz Club teacher license contains enhanced functionality and lesson plan. Teachers save time and have the flexibility to customize curriculum based on individual student's level and learning needs. Smart Kidz Club helps teachers support all types of learners including those identified with disabilities, reading disorders, or dual language learners by way of the read aloud, highlighting features, and special education section for students with Autism.

Teacher Benefits

  • Ready to teach
  • Easy to use
  • Works offline
  • Fun learning activities to engage students
  • Pre-made quizzes to assess comprehension
  • Flexibility to design personalized curriculum
  • Facilitate parent involvement
  • Conforms to US Common Core State Standards
  • Ability to recommend and assign books
  • Review reports of child engagement

School Benefits

  • Increase enrollment by offering exclusive digital English reading and learning tool
  • Build digitally savvy classrooms
  • Significantly increase children's engagement and enhance performance
  • Use data analytics to track progress
  • Enhance parent involvement
  • Offer culturally diverse and inclusive content
  • Easy for teachers to train and use

Implementation & Integrated Access


Implementation Stages

Phase I: Schools Requirement Analysis

Based on the school's requirements a needs assessment form will be prepared followed by a Proforma Invoice being submitted to the school for review, approval, and payment.

Phase II: Implementation

  • The hardware required will be ordered and timelines provided (optional based on needs assessment).
  • SKC content will be mapped to school's curriculum with the help of lead teachers from each grade identified by the school.
  • The licenses will be provided to the school.
  • The teachers will be trained on how to use the tool in the classroom and how to connect with the parents and students at home.

Phase III: Support

Technical support will be provided via email throughout the year.

Tablet Specifications

Here are the minimum suggested specifications for a tablet/electronic device to be used for the Smart Kidz Club app in the classrooms.

Android tablet

  • Minimum Android OS 7.0
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB storage

Here are two recommended brands:

Samsung Tab A
Lenovo Tab 4

The classroom solution is only available through our authorized distributors. For more information email info[at]