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Library Access

Library access

Smart Kidz Club provides local, state, national libraries, and library systems with access to our digital library of eBooks and content for young children. This enables libraries to get more library card memberships and promote reading amongst kids by easy access to a narrated & illustrated digital library. Libraries can enable their library members to access the app and download books without any restrictions on checkouts, waiting, or need for book holds. Unlimited number of library members can access and read the books simultaneously.

Libraries get the following benefits by offering Smart Kidz Club library to their members:

  • Increase in memberships
  • Promote reading
  • Attract English Language Learners
  • Attract struggling readers
  • Offer shared digital reading and fun learning activity times
  • Unlimited checkouts
  • Zero Waiting
  • No book holds
  • Easy Access

Three ways that libraries can use Smart Kidz Club:

  1. Provide access to Smart Kidz Club's digital library to all library members
  2. Install individual kiosks in the library space for each child preloaded with Smart Kidz Club
  3. Shared and group reading time with Smart Kidz Club eBook library

Smart Kidz Club Value Proposition

  • Exclusive digital library
  • Books read aloud in a human voice with word highlighting
  • Authentic reading without distractions
  • "Just right" tool, no harmful animations, videos or ads
  • 85% non-fiction
  • Content easily searchable
  • Diverse content
  • Works without Wifi

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