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Library Access

Library access

Smart Kidz Club offers local, state, and national libraries, as well as library systems, access to our expansive digital library of eBooks and engaging content tailored for young children. This partnership empowers libraries to boost library card memberships and cultivate a culture of reading among children through seamless access to a narrated and illustrated digital library.

Libraries can grant their members unrestricted access to the Smart Kidz Club app, allowing them to download books without limitations on checkouts, waiting periods, or the need for book holds. With the ability for an unlimited number of library members to simultaneously access and enjoy our books, libraries can maximize the benefits of our platform.

By offering Smart Kidz Club to their members, libraries can experience the following advantages:

  • Increased memberships
  • Promotion of reading habits
  • Attraction of English Language Learners and struggling readers
  • Facilitation of shared digital reading and engaging learning activities
  • Unlimited checkouts with zero waiting times
  • Easy access to a diverse range of content

Libraries have the flexibility to leverage Smart Kidz Club in three ways:

  • Providing access to our digital library for all library members
  • Installing individual kiosks preloaded with Smart Kidz Club in library spaces for each child
  • Hosting shared and group reading sessions using the Smart Kidz Club eBook library

Smart Kidz Club offers a compelling value proposition, including:

  • Exclusive digital library featuring books read aloud in a human voice with word highlighting
  • Authentic reading experiences without distractions such as harmful animations, videos, or ads
  • A curated selection of 85% non-fiction content
  • Easily searchable content with diverse topics
  • Functionality that operates seamlessly without the need for Wi-Fi

For more information email info[at] Join us in fostering a love for reading and learning in children everywhere.