Inspiring Stories

Here are some inspiring stories of children from around the world reading, learning and growing with Smart Kidz Club.

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Advaith becomes the smartest student!

Advaith loves reading, asking riddles, and solving complex problems. However, reading is his most favorite hobby. Advaith's life has completely changed with Smart Kidz Club. He has become one of the smartest students in his class as he can now read countless books from home. His favorite book from the Smart Kidz Club library is the bird story titled The Parrot's Sanctuary. Advaith uses the Read Myself mode and has read more than 200 books in less than a month. He is also a top position holder on Smart Kidz Club's Leaderboard. His parents love that Smart Kidz Club is encouraging Advaith to read extensively. They love the book choices and creativity of the books. Advaith's message to all children is that if you don't read you can't survive. According to him, you must always read, if you hesitate you will spoil your future. Be like Advaith!

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Be Like Mitchel!

Mitchel enjoys reading any book he sights on Smart Kidz Club. He even reads to his younger sister. Mitchel's hobbies are reading and playing games. He enjoys the Read To Me feature a lot but can very well use the Read Myself feature as well. Mitchel promises to take the good news from Smart Kidz Club to his classmates as soon as his school resumes. Mitchel's parents have noticed a significant improvement in his reading ability. Mitchel is one of the top position holders on Smart Kidz Club's Leaderboard. He can't wait to share the app and the books with his friend in school. Be like Mitchel!

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Daniel's Inspiring Story!

Daniel was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was two years old. Daniel loves reading books, writing using colored pens and crayons, swimming, singing, and playing with balloons and bubbles. Daniel enjoys listening/reading almost all the books on Smart Kidz Club. His favorite books are the Book of Insects, Animals, Gravity, Patsy and Paul in Machu Picchu. He has even memorized some of the parts of the stories from the library. The high definition pictures in each book, the descriptions and the way the app reads to Daniel makes it very easy for Daniel to understand. His concentration on whatever he is doing has improved a lot after reading with Smart Kidz Club. He has really become more knowledgeable about the things around him. The Read to Me Feature is what he likes the most because even if he's doing something else he can still listen to his favorite books. Daniel is one of the top position holders on Smart Kidz Club's Leaderboard. His message to all kids is to just keep on reading because it makes us SMART! Be like Daniel!

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Featuring Shaily

Shaily's loves reading, role playing and cartoons. Her favorite category in the Smart Kidz Club library is Story Time and she loves to read the story books. Shaily loves to listen to the stories using the Read To Me feature. She wants all kids to know that this is the best way of learning with fun. Shaily's parents believe that her reading habits have most definitely improved with Smart Kidz Club. Shaily reads more and more everyday. She has been one of the top position holders on Smart Kidz Club's Leaderboard. Be like Shaily!

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Ao Gets Bitten By The Travel Bug!

Ao loves running and catching insects. His favorite are the deck of flashcards titled 'Country Flags of Asia.' It looks like Ao will soon be able to recognize the flags of all 51 different countries in Asia. Ao likes to earn Smart Coins and win badges in the app. His mother is happy to see that Smart Kidz Club books are helping Ao to grow his confidence in English. He is now more willing to learn English and looks forward to learning something new everyday using his preferred Read To Me feature in the Smart Kidz Club books. Ao wants to get better in reading and speaking English and is looking forward to going to New York to practice his English. It is safe to say that Smart Kidz Club was the reason behind Ao being bitten by the travel bug. Be like Ao!

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From Refusing to First Place for Caleb

A couple of years ago it was only Caleb's grandmother who recognized how much he read. When Caleb was introduced to Smart Kidz Club App, he was not so enthusiastic about reading. He would fight everyday and refuse to read. But soon, with the Read To Me option, he started reading willingly everyday. Now Caleb sets his own goals and makes sure he meets these goals. He even had his grandmother do a then and now post on her Facebook page. Be like Caleb!