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Wishing you all a very happy and fun filled Halloween. Remember to be safe out there while trick-or-treating on the streets. Don't forget to check out the new release this week involving a story about a girl who found a clever way of recycling her Halloween costume.

We are also super excited to introduce our newest category titled Special Education. Books in this Special education category are selected by our expert panel and are designed for kids with special needs or kids with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These books have been compiled for autistic kids of all ages and includes topics such as community, colors and shape, social stories, and other stories that are most appropriate for special needs' kids. These books contain photos and pictures to help children recognize emotions and help enable learning and development of social skills. The very soothing voice of our "Read To Me" feature allows repetition of the book as many times as required. Since children with ASD often have trouble making eye contact and sharing their thoughts with words or gestures, our books allow them to interact in a way that makes learning easier. Some children with ASD have a very short attention span when being read to or when reading, while other children with ASD may read very early and show intense interest in certain subjects and want to read everything they can on that topic. Whether your child has mild or severe ASD, Smart Kidz Club helps in making reading a fun activity for your very special child.

Learn something new everyday! Join the club today! Don't forget to check out our new releases this week.

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