Dear Club members,

Could we ask you for a small favor?

No, it's not your money: only a photograph!

We need your help to reach out and let many more like yourself discover this great reading platform that their kids could be taking advantage of right now. If your child is enjoying SmartKidzClub, we urge you to help us spread the joy of reading.

We simply request you to send us a photo of your child reading on SmartKidzClub wherever, whenever. (We encourage you to be creative: does your child have a favorite reading spot?) Share the photo with us at

Naturally, your child's safety is of utmost concern to us, so you can rest assured there will be no undue exposure of your child. We don't require faces or head shots - only your child enjoying a book on SmartKidzClub (from an angle that does not necessarily reveal his/her face)! We are seeking your help for our social media campaign to show how much smart kids like yours and sensible parents like you love and value SmartKidzClub.

Help us light the path of knowledge, fun, and learning for the millions that are still in the dark.

Thanks for your time.

Happy reading!
SmartKidzClub Team