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The one who cares for you the most.
The one for whom you are a thing to boast.

The one who would want to protect you from sunlight.
The one who teaches you to discern the wrong from the right.

The one who will always be there when you are hurt.
The one who'll be ready to take all your share of dirt.

The one who will forgive you for all your blunders,
whose love for you is more intriguing than the seven wonders.

The one whose debt you can never repay,
who deserves to be thanked every moment, each day.

The one who loves you like none other.
That is who you call a Mother!                                      -Sippi S.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10. In the United States it is held annually on the second Sunday of May. It is the day to celebrate and appreciate mothers for all that they do for their children. We wish all the mothers around the world a very Happy Mother's Day! Do not forget to thank your mother for what you are today. If you are a mother yourself, be proud of yourself for choosing to value education and learning for your child. Thanks for choosing and supporting Smart Kidz Club.

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New this week...

Money written by Edward Alan Kurtz

Did you know that the word "money" comes from the name of a Roman temple? Read this book about money, what is its value, the history, how it is used, types of money, the various prominent currencies around the world, and some very interesting facts about money.

New this week...

Cosas que son Amarillas written by Meagan J. Meehan

This is the Spanish translation of 'Things That Are Yellow' and will introduce your little one to all the things that are yellow helping him learn to recognize the color yellow and introducing him to objects that are yellow.


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When Mummy was a Baby by Neha Mitra & Goral Ajmera

This heartwarming poem book uncovers Mummy's fun filled childhood. For however hard it might be to imagine, once upon a time; long, long ago Mummy too was tiny just like her little one! Read this book with your child on mother's day.

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