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New this week...

Continents of the World written by Edward Alan Kurtz

This is a great book with beautiful photos and maps, that teaches kids about the seven continents, their location, how they were formed, the unique features, major land forms, native flora and fauna that are found on each of these seven continents along with many fun and interesting facts. Written by Edward Alan Kurtz, who specializes in both fiction and non-fiction books for kids, this book is both informative and fun to read for kids' ages 7 to 9 years.

New this week...

Things That Are Blue written by Meagan J. Meehan

We are excited to introduce the very first in this brightly colored series of picture books for our youngest readers in the age group of 1 to 3 years of age. A part of our Smart Baby's First Words books, 'Things That Are Blue' introduces your little one to all things that are blue helping him learn to recognize the color blue and introduce him to objects that are blue. Look out for more colors in this series written by Meagan J. Meehan, a successful author, poet, cartoonist and award-winning artist.


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Most popular this week

Seasons written by Sippi S.

Most popular this week is the book 'Seasons' written by Sippi S. It is a brightly illustrated, fun, and educational book about seasons. Written in rhymes with our very young readers in mind, belonging to the age group of 1 to 3 years, this book helps kids learn about the different seasons by prompting them to guess each one based on the objects they see and activities they do in that season. It certainly is a fun and enjoyable read. Don't forget to add this to your bookshelf!

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