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We wish everyone a dashing, smashing, joyful, peaceful, and a very happy New Year!

We thank all our newest subscribers who took advantage of the discounted offer of our subscription of $4.99 per month. Welcome to the club and we hope you will enjoy the excellent books available exclusively on SmartKidzClub!

Check out the new releases this week.

New this week...

Chip's Tips on Australia written by Edward Alan Kurtz

We proudly introduce our new series-Countries of the World in the brand New Year! Chip is a savvy young boy who has travelled many countries around the world. Read Chip's Tips on Australia to discover this country's location, geography, climate, history, major cities, culture, famous people, festivals, holidays, major occupations, animals, plants, and all the things you need to see while visiting this country. This book is filled with all the great information, photographs, and fun facts that your child would love to know about this country. It is recommended for kids in the age group of 7 to 11 years and is available exclusively on SmartKidzClub for only $4.99 or as part of your subscription. Look out for the next book in this series - Chip's Tips on Brazil, coming out shortly.

New this week...

Snow and Ice! Polar written by Sippi S.

Land of the penguins and polar bears! How is it to live in a place where there is only snow and ice? This series is an introduction to earth's major ecosystems for our beginner and very young readers. Full with easy vocabulary, beautiful photographs, and exciting interiors, this book is recommended for kids in the age group of 3 to 7 years. Available exclusively on SmartKidzClub for only $2.99 or as part of your subscription, do not forget to add it to your bookshelf. Look out for other books in the same series.


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Editor's pick this week

Kids' Guide to Dog Breeds-Herding Group written by Shirley A. Jones

Our spotlight this week is on the herding group of dogs. The Herding Group are dogs that were bred to herd livestock, so they like to be constantly moving or entertained, whether they are playing with children or going on long walks. This books is an excellent introduction to 25 herding dogs, their size, temperament, and the care regimen that might be required if your child is planning to own one of these. A book written for kids to understand what it takes to have a pet herding dog. It is also a great source of knowledge for all dog-lovers. This books is a part of a series on Dog Breeds and is available exclusively on SmartKidzClub for only $3.99 or as part of your subscription, don't forget to add this book to your bookshelf and enjoy learning about this breed of dogs.

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