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Good luck for school!

Back to School is here and we wish all the parents, teachers, and kids the very best of luck for another successful year filled with learning and fun.

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New this week...

Earth's Ecosystem-Desert written by Edward Alan Kurtz

Introducing our collection of books on earth's twelve different ecosystems or biomes. The very first in the series is the book 'Desert.' When we hear about a desert, we think of sand. Even though, about 20% of the earth is covered with deserts, only 20% of the deserts are covered in sand. Learn all about the desert ecosystem, the terminology and description of the various elements that form this ecosystem, flora and fauna found in a desert ecosystem, and fun interesting facts relating to major deserts around the world. This book is a great addition to the library of all kids in the age group of 7 to 11 years. Available exclusively on SmartKidzClub for only $4.99 or as part of your subscription, do not forget to read this book and add it to your bookshelf.

New this week...

Dog Breeds – Terrier Group written by Shirley A. Jones

Terriers are known as the rascals of the dog world. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but they all share a feisty, mischievous personality and an energetic nature. Learn all about the terrier group of dogs, the various dogs that fall into this category, what they like, and how much exercise they need. This book belongs to our series 'Kids' Guide to Dog Breeds' and is based on the American Kennel Club's classifications. This book is a great beginner's guide to the different dog breeds and along with adorable pictures will help your child identify different dog breeds. Whether your child has a dog or plans to get one, this book is a must buy and is available for only $3.99 or as part of your subscription. Do check out the other dog breeds, coming soon, in the same series. Herding Group is already available for the same price.

New this week...

A Date with the Dentist written by Lydia Light

A fun rhyming story of a young girl afraid of the dentist. See how Madison gets ready for her appointment with the dentist and what the dentist has to say about her brushing habits. Reading this will help encourage your child to keep dental hygiene and learn to cope with the fear of the dentist visit. This book is a lovely bed-time story and is available for only $2.99 or as part of your subscription.


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Editor's pick this week

Common Units and Measures written by Sippi S.

Back to school is here and we all know how important it is for your elementary school grader to know about the most common units and measures. This is a great educational book about the very basic things we measure in our daily life, the units of measurement, and introduction to the two systems of measurement–SI and US standard. 'Common Units and Measures' is recommended for kids of ages 3 to 7 years and is available on Smart Kidz Club for only $2.99 or as part of the monthly subscription. Your child will be able to relate to all the things that need to be measured and learn how and why it is done.

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