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Flash cards have shown to be highly effective in learning as per a study released by the Association for Psychological Science led by Kent State University professor John Dunlosky. This study closely examined 10 learning tactics and rated each of these from high to low utility on the basis of the evidence they have collected. Using flash cards engages active recall. This helps capture the benefits of the act of calling information to mind thus strengthening that knowledge and aiding in future retrieval. Flash cards also allow for confidence-based repetition that is important for greater retention. Digital flash cards available on get auto randomized at each launch that mimics the process of shuffling.

Check out the great collection of digital flash cards at A new release this week Colors-Part 2 - it is a flashcard book that contains more than the basic colors for your kids. Check out the other new release Winter with a fun interactive play activity at the end. has more than 1000 eBooks, math books, flashcards, activities and quizzes -- they all have interactive read aloud technology. They hyperlink to more content, they define words, they have interactive games that repurpose the data, they fully interact with all the senses. Start your 14 day free trial today and get unlimited access to all the wonderful and exclusive collection of resources on We are Educational App Store certified with a Five-Star rating.

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