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Thomas Carlyle shared: Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

In ways, it is kind of hard to argue with this. Even with our other advantages over the animals of earth, nothing separates us more visibly than our technology. Some primates use sticks to hunt and eat, otters use rocks to break up shellfish, dolphins cary sea sponges in their mouths to brush the ocean floor and catch prey, elephants have been known to carry logs and sticks to drop on electric fences to sort them out and make their territory more safe. And while this is impressive from our animal colleagues, it isn’t exactly inventing an iPhone or an airplane.

At what age should kids start using tools safely? There are a lot of opinions, Popular Mechanics shares an interesting article: 10 Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use. It argues that tools are safe age by age based on the complexity of operation and safety concerns. Age seven they might wield a hammer safely but wait until age ten to introduce a hand saw. The article recognizes though, like Carlyle, we need to be a society of tool users, and it is best to start young.

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