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Calling all Teachers!

Back to School will be here before we know it! As much as the children and their parents, it is also the teachers that are getting ready for a new bunch of smiling and anxious faces in their classrooms. If you are a teacher, join in the thousands around the world who are taking advantage of SmartKidzClub's educational resources that are free for teachers. Register now as a teacher and get access to 100s of great e-books that you can use within your classrooms and/or recommend to your students for supplemental reading, using your unique teacher code.

  • No internet or Wi-Fi is needed once the books are synced to your device.
  • The books have the option of reading to the child with each word being highlighted-for beginner or struggling readers.
  • Pop-up definitions of difficult words help improve vocabulary.
  • Works on all iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and devices.
  • Hook your device to Smartboards to create your own classroom activity.
SmartKidzClub is committed to helping teachers in their efforts to educate our children for a better tomorrow. Register now at and spread the word around!

New this week...

Chasing Rainbows written by Lydia Light

This is a story about this little girl Abigail, who is so fascinated with rainbows that she decides to find out where they begin and end. She sets off on this epic adventure with her pet dog, Poodles. Sure enough soon Abigail and Poodles both get lost and are hungry and scared. Read the story to find out what happens to Abigail and her quest for knowledge about rainbows and adventure of chasing after one. Available for only $2.99 or as part of your subscription, this book is recommended for ages 5 to 9 years.

New this week...

Kids' Guide to Dog Breeds-Herding Group written by Shirley A. Jones

Did you know that the herding group of dogs were bred to herd livestock? Learn all about the herding group of dogs, which dogs fall into this category, what they like, and how much exercise they need. This book belongs to our series "Kids' Guide to Dog Breeds" and is based on the American Kennel Club's classification. This book is a great beginner's guide to the different dog breeds and along with adorable pictures will help your child identify different dog breeds. Whether your child has a dog or plans to get one, this book is a must buy and is available for only $3.99 or as part of your subscription. Look out for other books in the same series.

New this week...

Animal Groups written by Meagan J. Meehan

This book is about the different animal group names. Help your child discover the school of fish other than the school of kids. Adorable pictures of animals and their groups will keep your child enthralled and help them learn to identify the different animals. Available for only $1.99 or as part of your subscription, this book is recommended for our youngest readers in the age group of 1 to 5 years.


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Editor's pick this week

Common Traffic Signs written by Edward Alan Kurtz

Your child will soon be walking to school and/or riding a bus and will be exposed to all the different traffic signs on the streets. It is important to invest in your child's safety through learning. This is a wonderful and educational book for your child that will help them identify and learn about nineteen of the most important traffic signs and their meanings. A part of the most basic and relevant education that your child must have about traffic and their surroundings, this book is recommended for kids of ages 5 to 9 years and is available on Smart Kidz Club for only $1.99 or as part of the monthly subscription.

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Smart Kidz Club is committed to enabling quality education worldwide. Teachers get free access to all resources on Smart Kidz Club for use within their classrooms. Whether they plug into their Smartboards or carry Smart Kidz Club library on their devices for field trips, Smart Kidz Club helps teachers do what they do best-getting kids ready for a better tomorrow.

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