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WebMD hosts a popular series for parents: “Milestones that Matter.” It addresses the timeframes when our kids should reach learning goals. It gets very granular in the reading and writing milestones but math is different as it builds from reading. Math, like reading requires vocabulary, a large one, and is a wide range of skills -- applying this vocabulary to exercises and concepts.

Albert Einstein shared: "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

As our kids are learning to read, when are they ready for math? The answer is right now. As they grow in reading - challenge them to apply what they can see to what they can discern, break down, differentiate, put in order, build. Help them create Einstein’s poetry of logical ideas. is excited to help. This week we have published a new Math Section of the library. These new activity books are wholly interactive with games, feedback, quizzes, and a lot of fun. These are the building blocks our kids need: counting, shapes, differentiations, positions, sizes, and much more. All of the activity is trackable and will help you see how they learn and any challenges. Kids are learning to read, and develop a love for reading all over the world on this platform, we are excited to be bringing math to their world as well. Start your 14 day free trial today and get unlimited access to all the wonderful and exclusive collection of resources on Smart Kidz Club.

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