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We pray for the 298 lives that were lost in the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. We hope this world and its citizens can nurture more tolerance and love for other fellow beings.

Help your children learn to be educated and kind citizens of this planet Earth. Let them have the opportunity to learn about the world, the countries, the people, our planet, the solar system, friendships, music, art, and so much more by getting them a monthly subscription to SmartKidzClub for only $7.99 per month providing an unlimited access to more than 100 educational books.

New this week...

Musical Instruments written by Edward Alan Kurtz

Music is an art form and musical instruments are an important tool in the expression of this art. This book by Edward Alan Kurtz is a great introduction to the different kinds of musical instruments popular around the world. Learn all about brass, string, wind, and percussion instruments, how they make music and how they are different from each other. This book is a great value addition to your bookshelf for all kids, who will greatly benefit from this informational and fact-filled book. It is available for only $3.99 or as a part of your subscription.

New this week...

Animales que viven en el agua (Animals That Live in Water) by Sippi S.

Did you know that a whale is la ballena in Spanish? If you want to teach your kids Spanish, this is a brightly colored book for toddlers and young readers introducing them to all the common animals that live in the water along with the correct pronunciations and accent. Available for only $0.99, it is a good addition for beginner Spanish learners of all ages.


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Most popular this week

Just a Little Kiss written by Michelle Anderson

Most popular this week is the book Just a Little Kiss written by Michelle Anderson. This is a sweet little poem about the joy of a kiss and how it is always welcome no matter what time or place. A great book for young readers helping them realize the power of compassion and love. This book is recommended for kids of ages 3 to 5 years and is available on Smart Kidz Club for only $1.99. We are sure you will enjoy reading this book with your child every night at bedtime. Don't forget to add this to your bookshelf.

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