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Congratulations to Germany on their FIFA World Cup 2014 win as they reclaimed the trophy for a fourth time. Germany has also become the first European team to win in the Americas.

While Germans celebrate their win, celebrate with your children by giving them the gift of subscription to SmartKidzClub with access to an awesome collection of more than 100 educational books for only $7.99 per month!

New this week...

Kids' Guide to Life Cycles-Butterfly written by Edward Alan Kurtz

Did you know that butterfly eggs usually turn dark just before they hatch? Learn all about the life cycle of a butterfly in this book describing how a butterfly transforms from an egg, a larva, a pupa, into a beautiful butterfly. This is the fourth book in our Life Cycle series, in addition to the life cycle of a frog, a chicken, and a plant. This book talks about the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly and how their metamorphosis occurs. Add this book to your bookshelf for your curious scientist, who will love this beautifully illustrated and fact-filled educational book, available for only $3.99 or as a part of your subscription.

New this week...

Things That Are White written by Meagan J. Meehan

The color of milk, opposite of black and representing light against darkness. White is the color associated with innocence and perfection. This book is a part of our very brightly colored series of picture books for our youngest readers in the age group of 1 to 3 years of age. A part of our Smart Baby's First Words books, Things That Are White introduces your little one to all things that are white, helping him learn to recognize the color and introduce him to objects that are white. You must add this to your bookshelf along with all the other books in this series. This book is available for only $3.99 and recommended for ages 1 to 3 years.

New this week...

Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Plants Parts 1 & 2 written by Tanille Edwards & Latoya Edwards, M.D.

We are proud to introduce Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Plants Parts 1 & 2 written by Tanille Edwards and Latoya Edwards, M.D., now available at Smart Kidz Club. This book is an educational ride of two siblings, Jordan & Justine, exploring plant growth, the history of peanuts, healthy eating habits, photosynthesis, and family relationships. This book inspires children to learn about science, to love their families, to be confident and to use their imaginations. It is recommended for ages 9 to 11 years and available for only $3.99.


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Most popular this week

Tricia Tells Time written by Lauren Tunnell

Most popular this week is the book Tricia Tells Time written by Lauren Tunnell. Tricia is becoming a big girl. It is her birthday and she has her entire day planned to the minute. A great book that helps children to tell time as they follow Tricia as she keeps track of time on her special day. Lovely illustrations will keep the children engaged till the end. This book is recommended for kids of ages 5 to 7 years and is available on Smart Kidz Club for only $2.99.

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