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Smart Kidz Club Weekly Newsletter, February 12, 2016

It is not only the great price of a mere $7.99 per month but so much more that you bring to your child that subscribing to SmartKidzClub should be a no-brainer for all parents of kids in the age range of 1 to 11 years.

Smart Kidz Club is committed to providing access to well-rounded educational resources that help build knowledge, social skills, and character education to all the kids around the world. To further enhance the learning and fun, comprehension quizzes and word search activities have now been introduced at the end of many of our books online. Your child can not only read the book but also get to see how much he has understood from the text through the quizzes and play & fun activities added at the end of the book.

Why not subscribe? We gladly pay $7.99 for Domino's large 3-topping carryout pizza for a day of lunch. Imagine giving your kids access to more than 300 books for the entire month for the price of one carryout pizza!! Can't beat that.

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