Thanks for your interest in Smart Kidz Club - one of the most affordable and fastest growing educational reading platforms for kids online and on mobile devices.

We hope you have enjoyed the free resources for teaching in your classroom.

Smart Kidz Club is discontinuing the unlimited free access for teachers beginning February 1, 2016.

However, you can continue to enjoy unlimited free access by bringing in at least 5 individual subscriptions. This can be done in two simple steps:

1) Use the following link for your parents to subscribe. Subscription is only $7.99 per month and will get your students unlimited access to all books on Smart Kidz Club which they can also read on their mobile devices-iPads, Android devices without the need for internet.


2) Please have the parents follow you using your unique teacher code. This will enable us to track subscriptions through you. In addition, your students would be able to see the list of books recommended by you.

In case you wish for your entire school to adopt the platform (more than 50 subscriptions) we can offer a discounted subscription of $5.99 per month to the parents, with teacher access free per classroom. Please contact us and we can arrange this for your school.

You can continue to log in using your same user name and password to browse our free books.

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