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Smart Kidz Club Weekly Newsletter, January 15, 2016

There are two kinds of children, those that love to read and those that do not like to read. As parents we know how important reading is for your child. Smart Kidz Club is an answer for both these types of children. There are endless books for the avid readers and those curious kids who want to know everything there is about everything around them. For those kids who do not like to read because of the lack of the will to make that extra effort or simply because they are trailing behind, Smart Kidz Club is the answer.
The books will read out the child on their favorite device. They can hear the words and see them being highlighted which will ultimately lead to better word recognition, generation of interest in reading, and your child becoming a strong and proficient reader. Isn't this what all of us as parents want? For parents of younger kids, read with your little one everyday and let them pick a book they want from hundreds of books in over 30 categories. Great content, great value! Read online on desktops or on your personal device. Subscribe now!

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